ART-ECO / Ecological Equilibrium / Gallery ULUPUH

ART-ECO / Ecological Equilibrium / Gallery ULUPUH

“In a range from the ludic to the functional, from the natural to the artificial, from minimalism to exaggeration and profusion, the artists in this exhibition, 27 of them, have achieved a high aesthetic formal level in their different media. With irony and wit, deliberation and critical consideration, they have worked out the problems of ecological balance in the forms of jewellery, installation, textile drawing, photographs, reliefs, dresses and slippers, defining themselves broadly, expressing their personal commitment to the theme.”
From the catalogue “Art-eco, Equilibrium” // Gallery Ulupuh 29.6.-27.7.2018.

This year I made an object with which I celebrate a memory of a friendship which I’ll never forget. Pile of colourful balloons represent that warm hearted connection(s). Used materials represent equilibrium between artificially and natural.
Thank you for your friendship ❤ /copper, silver, thread, colours, wood & piece of letter/

on-line catalogue is here ; just click and enjoy!